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Posted: July 27, 2021
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Screenflow strange behaviour with validation activity


I have encountered a weird thing in our application. We're using a screenflow and in that screenflow we are using a utility shape with an activity in between 2 assignment shapes; this activity is used to perform some complicated business logic validations. If the validations fail, there will be a message on the page and the case will stay on the current (well, previous) stage and display error message. This is working fine, however, I found an interesting thing tracing it recently - if validation fails, before going back to previous stage, Pega appears to load ALL the other stages, including those already passed. There is a multitude of Stream begin... Stream end... in tracer as if it was loading all the assignment shapes flow actions' sections. Eventually after 'loading' (there's nothing about it on the UI, can only see it in the tracer. The pre- and post- processing of other steps isn't triggered either) every section, Pega loads back on the right stage and displays the validation error.

In other words, UI-wise, it behaves as we'd expect it to, not letting us pass to the next stage and displaying error message, but there's some weird unnecessary loading visible in Tracer. Has anyone encountered that/have any ideas what could be causing it?

Upd: I just did some more testing and it seems this beahviour also persists while performing validation simply in post-processing activity. Is this supposed to happen?

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