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Posted: June 25, 2021
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Posted: 25 Jun 2021 11:11 EDT
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Search Function Lag/Curser Bouncing

Question: I wish to configure a search button to search for and find a specific queue so it can be easily accessed instead of going through a queue list. I want the search to work by when you type a letter or start typing a work the results filter as you type.

Expected Results: Search will bring back results upon key entry and search smoothly, with no lag

Current results- Currently the search function is working however one of two things happens:

1. There is a lag on the search function, if you type too quickly characters are missed or there is a delay before another character can be input into the search bar

2. The curser is removed from the search box after each letter in input, you have to then click back into the box to start typing again.

Config: The search button is in a UI and I have a search string as a property, this then links to a data page and this links to a report definition where all the queue information is stored. I currently have the search configured with an action set being a post value and then a refresh which is refreshing the data page and the section.



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