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Srinivas Bonthu (SRINIVAS BONTHU)
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Posted: June 11, 2019
Last activity: June 27, 2019

Search indexes are not updating automatically for archived work items

Hi All,

I reaching out to the community to see if anyone helps me in fixing an issue with our pega application. Our pega application has two module one utilizes CSHC where as other module doesn't use CSHC but just Pega Platform.

We have archiving(archiving using stored procedures) in place for both the modules, but, the interesting thing here is, whenever a work item is purged and archived, it's no longer visible to search. I mean the search indexing for those cases getting updated automatically.

Where as in other module where we don't use CSHC, whenever a work item is archived, it's search index is not getting update and when we search for the work item in global search, application is finding it, but when it tries to open it to show, throwing an error message saying can't open the object using given inputs.

I have tried running "RecreateIndexesForClass", which didn't help. One other thing, I want to note here, whenever we do full re-index of work items in search landing page, we are not getting that error for so far archived items but still coming for newly archived items.

I really appreciate your help in providing any insights or solutions to the problem.

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