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Neil Gordon (gordn)
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Pegasystems Inc.
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Posted: February 1, 2017
Last activity: March 3, 2017

Search Indexes on multinode environment

Hi im trying to get a better understanding of how distributed searching works we are on Pega 7.2.1

We have 4 nodes in the environment. Three of these nodes have been defined as Search Indexing nodes and work as expected.

I can bring down each of the search nodes in turn and as long as one node is up that is defined as a search node search continues to work

when i am left with one node that is not defined as a search node search fails as expected.

We then start bringing the nodes back so one node no index and one node with a search index.

At this point search still does not work in the portal.

We then bring a second search node back so 3 of our 4 nodes are up 2 with a search index defined

At this point search works.

Why can we bring nodes down and have search working with only one search indexingnode available but if we start bringing nodes back search does not work until there are two search index nodes available?

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