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Search not returning Impl layer columns

We have a requirement to customize the results of the OOTB Search results. We are using Pega 7.1.7. We have referred the following PDN article:… 
Specifically the post by Rajiv: 
In that case, I suggest you modify to gadget to call your own report definition instead of the one that is called by the gadget out of the box. Note that, if you are searching across different work classes and want to return different properties for different classes, then that is not feasible unless you run different search queries and show the results using your own custom UI. 

We have overridden the pyWorkSearch Report Definition, Section and Data page to try and achieve this. The Search functionality is still only executing the Work- version of the report definition and not fetching the columns in the implementation layer. The specific issue is in the pzSearch activity. In our case it is executing the distributed Search step (Step 1):


try {

    pega.getSearcherAPI().search(myStepPage, tools.getParameterPage(), tools.getThread());


catch( fe) {



This populated the Search results page which only has the handful of Work- Columns in the OOTB pyWorkSearch RD. I have detailed all the steps followed in the attached document. Please review and let us know how we can achieve custom implementation columns in the full text search results.

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