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Posted: February 14, 2018
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Searching for a row in a table starting with a particular string and then clicking on it. (The data in the row is a hyperlink)

1. I have a Table on a Web Application having 1000 record on the first page. (Check Table.jpg)
2. I need to search for a record under the column "Subject" which starts with "Your approval is required for.." (Check Table.jpg)
where what i have is "Your approval is required for CUP 123456" the part after for is variable. Hence i need to search for only the part till "for".

3. After finding the first row starting with "Your approval is required for" I need to click on that link , as the Subject found is a link. (Check Table.jpg) and (Code_row.png")

The code after in the debugger is attached as "Table_ID.PNG"

In simpler words,

Search for rows starting with "Your approval is required for"
whichever record comes first click on the cell (Hyperlink) under the column "Subject" ( Message.PNG )

I need to search if the popup has "Pending to review" in the Message heading. If yes, then click on the link given in in the popup. It is dynamic again. (LinkAfterTheClick.PNG)

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