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Section not refreshing

I have a repeat grid populated by an activity that is loads a page list.  The activity uses a report definition to load the page list.    

I have an action menu on each row of the repeating grid.  In that modal dialog   I have an id property and also another property called relatedID.  

The relatedID is a dropdown sourced by a report definition based on the ID field and it shows the relatedID name.  This is done with a self join on the report defnition.  

When the modal dialog is submitted, it updates the database using obj methods and then calls the original load activity, that does a page new on the page list and repopulates it from the report definition which refreshes the main section.     The main section also has a column that displays the relatedID and relatedID name.   The concatanation is done within the same activity and I beleive I have to reference ,pxPages because of the self join.

Everything works fine and is refreshed except the concatatened relatedID property.   That is the only thing that doesn't get updated instantly.   Even though it is updated on the database.  If a manual page/browser refresh is done the updated property reflects.

Any suggestions on how to resolve ?  Thanks.


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