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Posted: June 17, 2016
Last activity: June 17, 2016

Section (with tabbed layout) to PDF


We have a requirement to stream the contents of a Section rule that includes a tabbed layout to a PDF file.  There are many tabs in the layout which are governed by visibility conditions. 

We are using Property-Set-Stream to save the markup generated by the section rule and then save the markup to PDF using HTMLtoPDF. 

The PDF is successfully including hyperlinks to all the tabs we are expecting but only the output of the first tab is visible in the PDF. 

Clicking on a link to another tab attempts to re-position the view in the PDF but the tab content isn't visible.

We have tried to use 'landscape' orientation for the PDF but additional tabbed content is still not visible. 

Any suggestions on making sure the additional tabbed content is saved to the PDF file?


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