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Dmitry Markov (dmitry.markov)

dmitry.markov Member since 2011 3 posts
Posted: February 8, 2021
Last activity: February 24, 2021

Security Alert SECU0001 in Pega 8.3 on Pega cloud

Hi Guys,

In our application we are facing the SECU0001 security alert. We are using Pega 8.3.4 on pegacloud. 

We are using the ootb feature Open Work By Handle:

Open Work By Handle

During the call of this action the security alert SECU0001 message is populated right before the call of the standard doUIAction Pega-UIEngine:08-03-05 activity. 

Tracer SECU0001 Alert

The message text is the following: 

 Unexpected properties received in HTTP request : Rule-Obj-Activity: @baseclass.doUIAction @The following unexpected properties were received in an HTTP request for Thread ************: Declare_pyDisplay.pyDCDisplayState.pyActiveDocumentType 

Where Declare_pyDisplay is the page from Pega-EndUserUI:08-01-01. Therefor for me it looks like the standard Pega data page cause the problem during standard Pega activity call.

I've searched different topics and questions about this alert on pega collaboration forum but it doesn't look like it can help:

Based on the information from this page (SA-31582): this is a Pega defect and should be fixed in pega 8.2. However the link to the issue itself doesn't work (at least for me):

Therefore I do have the following questions:

  1. Is it any concern regarding the logic from above? Am I missing anything?
  2. If not 1 I would like to know how should I address that issue? Is that any hotfix that I can install?
  3. We are planning to updated to version 8.5. Would that heal this issue automatically? 

Best Regards, Dmitry

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Pega Platform 8.3.4 Security Support Case Created