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Posted: August 19, 2016
Last activity: September 12, 2016

Security around reports in Report Browser



I have below requirement and need your expert help on this.




We have couple of report categories and each category would contain some "X" number of reports.


User will choose the required category and he will search for the required reports.


  • UserA is only allowed to search ReportA
  • UserB is only allowed to search ReportB.


We would like to define the security around reports such that when UserA searches for ReportB he should not get that in report browser and viceversa when UserB searches ReportA that should not be visible in the report browser.


Tried approach:


  • Created different access roles for  both users (AR1 and AR2)
  • Created different privileges (PR1 and PR2)
  • Added privileges to Reports Definitions ( ReportA--> PR1 and ReportB--> PR2)
  • Created Access of Role to an object and added privileges accordingly matching the Access Roles( ARO1--> PR1(5) and AR02--> PR2(5))



UserA is still able to search the ReportB though he can't execute it.



Am I missing something? Can we achieve the requirement through this approach?


Thanks in Advance.


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