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Posted: December 25, 2019
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Security rules are invisible in Multitenancy environment


I have installed Pega Platform 8.3.1 with Multitenancy Edition, and noticed that Security category is not visible in Records explorer as below.

[Standard Edition]

[Tenant in Multitenancy]

Initially I thought this is intentionally designed as such because Multitenancy is special, but I started to wonder. Each individual tenant instance shares the same single database but any rules / data instances are invisible across tenant instances (they are logically partitioned). I guess there are some tricks to achieve this visibility control, but we still need to manage Security rules in each tenant instance. I do not see any reasons why Security rules (Access Group, Access Role Name, ARO, Privilege, etc) should be invisible in Records explorer. Actually, it is even possible to open Security rule instances from other interface than Records explorer.

Question: Why are Security rules hidden in Records explorer in tenant instance? Am I missing anything?


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