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Ronald Flint (Ronald)

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Posted: July 2, 2019
Last activity: August 22, 2019

Seeking help with Robots and Pega Operator ID in Robot Manager v. 1

We are having some difficulty with the robot operator IDs having to be manually deleted every time OpenSpan Runtime terminates. If they're not deleted then when OpenSpan runtime starts again then it will not be able to connect through the robot manager and will immediately shut down again. This can happen, for instance, when IT pushes updates to our robotics VMs because they have to be rebooted after the updates. In a previous SR call with Pega we were advised to either manually exit OpenSpan runtime using the menu, or use the "ShutdownRuntime.exe" utility. These machines are not normally accessed by users, so the solution we put in to place is to schedule an automated procedure that would periodically run "ShutdownRuntime.exe" and initiate a reboot, shortly after the updates are pushed.

However, it appears that running "ShutdownRuntime.exe" does not fix the problem of the operator ID.

We are going to upgrade to the latest Pega and the latest Robot Manager as soon as possible, but at this time we cannot. Is there something that can be done for this problem in the meantime?

Robotic Process Automation
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