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Anton Shlyapugin (AntonS39)
Lanit Laboratoriya Novykh Informatsionnykh Tekhnologii

Lanit Laboratoriya Novykh Informatsionnykh Tekhnologii
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Lanit Laboratoriya Novykh Informatsionnykh Tekhnologii
Posted: February 4, 2019
Last activity: February 4, 2019

select all pages with certain value from page list


I have the following problem:

I have a page list ParticipantList (let say page list of Participant data type) and I want to find all participants with DealRole = 2

(assume data type Participant has the following fields: text DealRole, text Name, text mobile)

How can I do that?

I cannot use IsInPageList, because this problem appears here:

I want to create an UI form dynamics layout which display name of all participant with DealRole=2

So I need to append a cell in layout and write in property .ParticipantList(???).Name

I dont know what I should write in place of ???

Because as I know in page list we can write only digits (the order of participant in page list)

So here I need to know exactly which the order of participant whith DealRole=2

(we can assume that there exists 0 or 1 participant in page lists with this property)

Can smbd help me?

What should I use? Is there some special utilities for that?


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