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Select All in the repeating grid header is not set true when the page is loaded for the first time


In my requirement there are repeating grids created based on the response from the service which is saved in pagelist. In the response the pySelected property is Set (mostly true). But when the UI is loaded the pySelected in the grid header is not true when all in that column are true. But once we make any changes to the checkboxes it reflects correctly.

Solution tried: Tried to use the !@IsInPageList("false",".pySelected",PageName.PageList) in the response Dt of the service and set that to pySelected property and works. But the issue is there are 4 more similar grids associated to the same main section which is visible as per selection made. Since all the information are from the same data page and the grids get the value from the pagelist, if once the header pySelected is set true, it sets for all the grids even before checking. Alternatively by adding different properties for each grid header does work, but looking for other solution.

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