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Selecting Radio buttons via an automation

so I have a web form with three radio buttons (labeled: Radio1, Radio2, RadioC)

I writing an automation to all calling projects to pass which option to press (along with other fields to populate on the form) Trying to make the call intuitive, the call looks something like:


  • bool Radio1
  • bool Radio2
  • bool RadioC

Inside the function I have to figure which is the true item, ignoring the other two. The caller needs to pass all three, even though they are only interested in one of the three. I there a clean way to code this so we can pass one variable (not an index as no on will know what it means) to indicate which radio button to press...ex:


(something) myRadioButtonToSelect

I thought about setting up an eNum in a script, but that has proved flaky at times... any suggestions are welcomed.... Rob....

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