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Selection of a section rule based on the result of Decision Table


What we would like to do is to select correct rule (in this case it is section) as a result of the decision table.

The ideal scenario is to call decision table where you set the section (in this case it is flow action).

Can we do that ? If yes, how should I type the exact call statement in section rule selection in flow action.

Alternative way might be setting the resent value of the decision table to a property and use the value of the property as the name of the section rule.

Again, how should I type the correct call in section selection of flow action ?

I am not sure it is doable thing.. so I am open to new ideas as well :)

Thank you

P.S. The big picture is to configure some part of the flow based on the values of the properties. For example, If the case is related with Customer and Address Change, we would like to show separate section and use some other rules (for example DTs or even activities).... If the case is about Corporate and tax payment .. than we would like to use some other rules. Any ideas to support this scenario would welcome as well!

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