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Posted: December 29, 2016
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Send Email with Attachments in Pega using SendEmailWithAttachments() function

Could someone please let me know how to achieve the below steps(only the lines highlighted in boldItalic) described in the pega help - Sending email with attachments, i have not worked on assignments before and I am not sure what those lines in step 1 and step 4 for pyreference actually means.

To send an email message with any set of attachments

You can use this for attachments unrelated to a work item, or to send only some of the work item attachments.

  1. Make each attachment the value of a clipboard property. These can be on the same or different pages and may include binary (non-character) data.
  2. Create a new page of class Data-EmailAttachments, with a name of your choosing.
  3. Add a single property .pyAttachment to the page; this is a Page List property of class Embed-EmailAttachment.
  4. For each attachment, complete a pyAttachments() page that contains adding values for these properties:
    • pyDecode — A True or False property. Set this property value to True if the property value is Base64-encoded and must be decoded before sending to the email server. All work item attachments of standard types are Base64-encoded except notes (Data-WorkAttach-Note class) and URLs (Data-WorkAttach-URL class).
    • pyName — A Text value for the name of the attachment as it will appear on the email message. This value also used as the file name when the attachment is saved to disk; the name can end in a period followed by a file type.
    • pyReference — A Text value containing a property reference to the content of the attachment.
    • pyRemoveXML — A True or False property. Set to True to indicate that the contents of the attachment are wrapped in XML that must be stripped before sending the attachments to the email server. For technical reasons, all work item attachments of class Data-WorkAttach-ScanDocument and Data-WorkAttach-ScreenShot have such wrappers.
    • pyType — An optional Text property specifying the file type of the content, such as doc, jpg, or png. Include this property value if the pyName value does not end with a file type.
  5. Call the standard function SendEmailWithAttachments() (in the Pega-ProCom:DEFAULT library) supplying the page name as the AttachInfo parameter.

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