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Posted: July 15, 2020
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Send Email on RobotActivity Failure

We're trying to send an email when the case fails.  Since we can't customize the flow itself for this, I'm attempting to customize pyCompleteAutomation (as indicated here:

However, we can only call a flow action or data transform from here.  Originally I was trying to propagate the data to the parent case (which would check for error values on a timer and send email when all values are set).  However, this propagation to the parent wasn't working.  At this point, I'll settle for sending the email from the child case (by customizing pyCompleteAutomation for the child case).  However, I'm unable to find a flow action that successfully sends an email.

The default email account is configured and I'm able to send emails using the SendEmail shape, but I don't know how to use these from within a "flow action".

Any help on how we're supposed to send alerts on robotic activities/cases failing?

We're using RobotManager 8.4.2 and PRPC 8.4.0.



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