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Posted: July 8, 2016
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Sending binary message body in Connect REST

I am connecting to a REST service that accepts a binary file as the message body, and I'm trying to setup my Connect REST invocation. I'm aware of using pyRequestAttachmentPage of class Data-ServiceMessage to send binary attachments, but this sends a multipart form message in the POST which is not what I want. Looking at Rule-Connect-REST.pyInvokeRESTConnector, it appears to read the referenced message body clipboard property as a String and then convert it to bytes.

byte[] mData = null;
// ...
if (paramMapFrom.length() != 0 || attachPage != null)
    //get the only member of the reqMessageData map and put it as a stream
    if (paramMapFrom.length() != 0)
       messageData = (String) reqMessageData.get(paramName);
       mData = messageData.getBytes();

    //generate request content from the stream			
    com.pega.apache.http.HttpEntity entity = null;
    //attachment code
    if (attachPage != null)
       // ...
       entity = new com.pega.apache.http.entity.ByteArrayEntity(mData);

I've tried multiple ways to store the binary data on the clipboard, but I end up with a corrupted file after the service is invoked. Any suggestions?

ClipboardProperty contentProp = myStepPage.getProperty(".request.Content");
String base64Content = tools.getParameterPage().getString("FileContent");
contentProp.setValue(new String(Base64Util.decodeToByteArray(base64Content)));

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