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sending email to new employee exercise SA Essentials 7.4

When verify work in exercise to send welcome email to new employee. the email doesn't show nor does it give an error: the email between steps 6 and 7 does not appear. I understand that it won't actually send the email but it should show when verifying correct?

  1. From the New Onboarding form, click Done to advance the case to the Identify Home Office form.
  2. On the Identify Home Office form, in the Office field, select Berlin.
  3. On the Identify Home Office form, click Submit to advance the case to the Select Orientation Plan form.
  4. Click Advance this case. Under Attachments, the email generated by the application is listed.

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  5. Click Welcome to open the email attachment.
  6. Verify that the content matches the rule and the data you entered on previous forms is in the case.
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