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Senior System Architect 7.2 training material is not complete enough on Circumstances to answer one question in the Quiz

Its mentioned that there are two ways to override a cicumstanced rule :

1 Using Base Rule Checked option

2 Using Withdrawn

We are clear with the explanation for Base Rule Checked option which states that it will pick the rule with highest ruleset version and no cirsumstance.

But, we are not clear with the example for Withdrawn option. It only states that the base rule and the other circumstanced rule will not be affected. But, it does not clearly mentioned which rule will be picked on and under what basis. Will it pick the highest version of any other rule except the withdrawn circumstanced rule? Will it pick base rule or not?

See below description in the tutorial

In the above description, there is no clear description about which rule will be picked after overriding using withdrawn.

So, it is difficult to guess the answer or to understand why this particular option is correct. Please explain why t it is not picking the ruleset version 01-01-30 with .Country=CAN and instead picking the base rule with 01-01-15.

If the answer is that it should not pick other circumstanced rules, then what is the actual difference between overriding by "base rule checked" option and overriding by "withdrawn" option ?

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