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Senior System Architect V8 Test - UI design (Mob and Non Mob App) Best Practice Question

Below Question is present in SSA V8 exam in Pega Academy :

To display a list of items to a user who may access the application on mobile and non-mobile devices, which two of the following options are best practices for designing the user interface? (Choose Two)

  1. Source the list using a data page.

  2. Use a table and mark the columns in the table as primary, secondary, and other.- Correct

  3. Define the layout widths in pixels.

  4. Use a repeating dynamic layout



According to answers , 2 and 4th option are correct and you get score for it, but as a best practice for mobile UI , sourcing a list using Data Page is recommended   1st option, which should be preferred over 2nd option , so correct option should be 1st and 4th instead of the above ones , is this question wrongly marked in the course? or there is any alternate reason for preference of 2nd option over 1st.


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