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Posted: April 20, 2016
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Seperation of responsibility in a Pega Marketing Cluster

For example we have 5 nodes in the cluster, of these i want 1 for use by marketeers, 1 to handle incoming impressions and click throughs, and the other three to run the outbound campaign.

So the emails are set to come into the node made available for incoming traffic, and a url handles the node for the marketeers.

The problem is that the campaign is using all nodes.

However we have created dnodes on all 5 nodes, in Simulation topology we disable 2 nodes from taking part in batch decisioning leaving three enabled with 4 threads on each.

Running like this we find that all five nodes process the campaign so the system is unusable for the marketeers and cant handle incoming responses.

I then change two of the dnodes to be decommisioned (but have not done a restart)

repeating the campaign i still seem to be getting all nodes being used.

What would be the optimum way to configure this so the campaign does not hit nodes we need to isolate for incoming and end users

This is on 7.1.9 of PRPC and 7.14 marketing



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