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Posted: October 27, 2016
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Sequencing the RAP deployment process from

Hi All,

We are using prpcUtils (CLU scripts) for automating the deployment process. And we have requirement to deploy the RAP in sequencing/specific order.

I have checked with PEGA support team on this and got response below.

1. What is the order of import while there are multiple jars in the directory mentioned in the import path of
A. The order of depends on how Operating System allows the command line to pick the jar.
If you want to import the jars in specific order, you can use comma seperated values in the path by including the jar name in path as well.

We have tried with the comma seperated value in the below file.


It is not working in all the scenarios. PFA the logs, we tested.

Kindly advise.


M Prasad

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