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Vishnu P (Vishnu91)
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Posted: February 12, 2021
Last activity: February 12, 2021

Service PAL - Performance Monitoring

Hi All,

I tried enabling "Services-PAL" for my Personal Edition. I followed the below steps

  1. Add the following entry to the prconfig.xml file for the current node (or create a corresponding Dynamic System Setting): <env name="statsPerInteraction" value="true" />
  2. Add the following appender to the prlog4j2.xml file:

    <Logger name="ServicePAL" level="debug" additivity="false">

    <AppenderRef ref="SERVICES-PAL"/>


  3. Stop and restart the server.

But still I had no luck in getting that in my system.

Attaching the screen shot even after including the above change. It will be helpful if someone can guide me to get the "Services-PAL"


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