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Terence Yuen (TerenceY0215)
Bank of Nova Scotia

Bank of Nova Scotia
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Bank of Nova Scotia
Posted: 2 weeks 4 days ago
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Service REST OAuth2 - External OAuth2 Provider

We have a requirement to secure a Service REST by using OAuth2.  Instead of using Pega as the OAuth2 provider, an external OAuth2 Provider is to be used.  This external OAuth2 Provider is expected to provide a Bearer Token in the format of a signed JWT.


On the Service Package side, should the Authentication Type be:

  • OAuth2.0  or
  • Custom

It's my understanding that OAuth 2.0 is used when Pega is used as the OAuth2 Provider.  Can it still be used when an external provider is used?  If so, what needs to be set up?


Secondly, what the possible way so trace/troubleshoot OAuth2 for Service REST? 


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