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Service Rest web service issue

Hi All,

I am facing a wired issue in Service rest web service.

Requirement: Pega is providing web service (Service Rest) to other application (.Net),
Service Rest will call an activity which will create a case (work object) and send by the case id in the response, which will be consumed by .Net application.

Issue: Pega provide end point URL for .Net application, but when .Net application is hitting the URL for first time case is not being created and they are getting blank, but when they hit second time onwards, then every time case id is created and .Net application is getting it in response.

Tried with Tracer on service rest rule, when .net application is hitting first time, able to see the request parameters but that not getting mapped to MyServicePage and then Service Activity is not triggering. But on second hit onwards, request parameter are mapped to MyServicePage and then Service Activity is called which is creating case id.
But when we run the service rest rule in Pega, it is working fine everytime case id is created.

Please let me know how to fix this issue.
Thanks in advance.

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