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Service SOAP - RULE PARSE XML stream request doesn't set all the properties that is coming from external system

Parse-XML does not map XML request data to ClipboardPage

1. We have a soap-service rule which is being called by external app

2. We are setting the properties in RULE PARSE XML stream request rule

3. External App is sending all the parameters as part of their request

4. But we see some properties are not being set on the page

5. Screen shots attached.

Performed the below steps:

  1. Perform 'revalidate and save' of these properties and it saves successfully.
  2. Performed 'revalidate and save' of the Parse-XML rule and it works this time
  3. Execute Service-SOAP and still could not find the property
  4. Since it couldn't find the property we see this error in tracer "Goal seek requires missing input property JurisChangeClaimStatus.dsClaimStatusRequest.ClaimStatusRequest.ClaimSubStatus"

Please share if any one faced similar issues faced. Version Pega 7.1.8

Incoming Request:


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

<ns0:ChangeClaimStatus xmlns:ns0="urn:PegaRULES:SOAP:JurisChangeClaimStatus:JURIS">












      <DenialType> </DenialType>








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