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Posted: April 14, 2017
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Set expiration of External Assignment to 1 HOUR (and not per day)


I am using an external assignment and I need it to expire in 1hour.

Currently we can only set the DaysToExpiration as you can see in the below screenshot; so I set the equivalent of 1hour in the 'DaysToExpiration' field:

After investigation, we noticed that this External Assignment calls the OOTB Final Activity Work-.External that -among other usages- calculates the value of the property pyExpiration on step#7 by calling the OOTB function DateTime addToDate as such:

Lib(Pega-RULES:DateTime).addToDate("", param.DaysToExpiration, "0", "0", "0")

Below are the input parameters of the function:

This scenario is generating an error : Problem invoking function: pega_rules_datetime.addToDate--(String,String,String,String,String), For input string: "0.041667"

I cannot edit the final OOTB activity Work-.External to give her as parameter 1 hour and I do not want to edit the OOTB function in fear of a regression since it is used by many rules defined under the PegaRules Ruleset.

Any idea about how to tackle this issue will be greatly appreciated :)

Thank you,

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