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Setting Interaction data while processing SR work

Existing Functionality: In Existing v5.5 application, we had a module called Notes pop where CSP can capture Interaction and SR notes separately at any point of time.   When they processing Service Request ( at this movement SR page was pyWorkPage and interaction Page was CAinteraction ), If CSP captures Interaction notes we use to place that data in CAInteraction page and that data gets persistent when you submit SR and navigate back to Interaction so interaction notes is always available.

Issue in V7:  In new version Pega, when CSP is in Service Request  processing stage (at this moment SR page is pyWorkPage and interaction page is D_Interaction(.ParentID).  If CSP capture interaction notes when they are processing SR work,  i try to place the notes in D_interaction page, but this data is not getting persisted, that means when SR is submitted and when user is taken back to Interaction tread, that notes is not available. 

Question:  While processing SR, if we need to update some interaction page with new data, what is the page we have to use...?  or what approach works in v7.   I checked in Sample applications, i dont see any implementation where Interaction work getting updated while you are processing SR work.   We have similar requirement is other usecase as well. 

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