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Setting up SSO with LDAP on Pega Platform 8

Looking to setup/configure SSO on Pega Platform so users are able to bypass login page. We use tomcat server to host pega platform. My questions are whether we can configure Pega to:


  1. Identify the current windows user
  2. Pass the domain\user info along through Tomact (just a pass through)
  3. Make a (service??) request to our organization LDAP server to look up the end user in the ACL, e.g. “PegaUsers-Dev | QA | Other”
  4. Allow the response to tell Pega…
    1. Whether to allow entry at all to the app
    2. What access profile [Dev | QA | Other] or default view the person should get

Thank you.


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Pega Platform 8.4.1 System Administration Security SR Exists
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