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Posted: September 3, 2020
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Posted: 3 Sep 2020 9:20 EDT
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Setting text in a Web Page field using Javascript

Hello Pega Team!

We are trying to set a text in a field of a webpage that our Bot uses. The class of the object is "ui-autocomplete-input". It is supposed that once we set the text in the field, a drop down menu appears with some options and our bot clicks one of them (See Imagen1). We have used SetValue and SetText test methods to fill the field. However, when we use them, the drop down menu doesn't appear (See Imagen2). We have tried to focus and click the field once we set the text, but the menu still doesn't appear. 

Do you know an alternative way (e.g. injecting a Javascript method) to set text in a field of this class?


- We want to avoid using SendKeys method, given that our Bot doesn't run conrrectly in background hen we use that method (

- We attach the html of the field (See HtmlField.txt)

Thank you for your attention!

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