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Dyan Baur (DyanG412)
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Posted: February 25, 2017
Last activity: February 28, 2017

Severe warning about the step page while getting a lock during iteration of page list

I need to update a list of pages and commit the changes via an activity . I have got a list of pages for data objects of a concrete class with Obj-Browse method Step 1. I needed to update each page from the activity itself. Therefore, I looped over each embedded page in order to ensure/lock by Obj-Refresh-And-Lock in a child step 1 followed by the Property-Set, Obj-Save and finally calling Work-.commitWithErrorHandling.

However, I got a severe warning:

'Using ... ,Obj-Refresh-And-Lock, .... Consider specifying a named page as the step page.'

I tried creating the step page in the applies to class of the activity but that gave me error to commit the changed value of the property in the database. If I leave the step page blank, running the activty will commit the change into the database as expected, however, I got the severe warning. Has anyone dealt with this scenario? I have attached the screenshot.

Data Integration Java and Activities
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