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Brian Barnett (Brian Barnett)
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Posted: April 18, 2020
Last activity: April 25, 2020

SFTP from Pega Cloud, using pegacloudfilestorage repository, to Client SFTP Server

Hello.   Looking for some help.

In our application, we take the user through an online registration process and the solution collects many documents and uploaded images from the user and those files are stored as attachments to the Case.   At a certain point in the process, the Pega solution must SFTP these files to the client's enterprise document management repository.

Our Application is configured with "pegacloudfilestore" and to use the "/attachments" folder for case attachments (see slide 1 in attachment)

The SFTP connection is working just fine, this is not our problem.

When executing the Connect-FTP method from an Activity, we have discovered that our Pega application can't access the "/attachments" directory, therefore we can't find or read the file to be SFTP'd to our client's document management system.  (see slides 2 & 3 in attachment)

We have confirmed that these files do exist in "/attachments" by using the Repository API

We have read that we may need the cloud team to provide us with the fully qualified path (absolute path) since it's like an S3 bucket???  Can someone confirm if this is true and if so how do we find the fully qualified absolute path?

We have found and read numerous articles on, but none that solve this problem easily for us.

So, in a nutshell.   All file storage is on the cloud, even if we use a local file system of the server, it's still on the cloud and we don't appear to be able to have direct access to any files on the Pega Cloud File Storage or even on the file system (we've tried both).  The conundrum is that we have a hard requirement to SFTP these files to the Client from our Pega Online Registration System.  The conundrum continues because of Pega's Connect-FTP method that appears to require an absolute file path in the 'Local File' Method Parameters.

I appreciate any and all help.


Pega Platform 8.3