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Posted: December 28, 2016
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Share Parameter Page on flows and collections


As Pega Developers, we all hear about the recommendation of not using activities, or at least avoiding to use activities.

But sometimes the alternatives do not fulfill the same requirements, at least when it comes to sharing parameter pages, allowing the use of parameters.

An activity can share the parameter page when it uses other rules e.g. activities, data transforms, decision tables / trees, etc.

But sometimes we would like to use the same technique of sharing parameters in flows or collections rules.

For example in flows, we have tried in a project to have an utility (called from a flow) use a report, get a result from the report and set it on a parameter. Then, we tried to use this parameter on a decision shape inside the same flow. But this did not work. We had to set the result on a property inside an embedded page, and use this property on a decision shape. But then we felt the need to create an embedded page with temporary results, which we might not want to include inside a work object, and then comes the decision embedded page vs temporary top-level page. This would be easily fixed if we could use Parameter Pages shared in the flow, for temporary intermediary results.

And the same is valid for collection rules. These are quite nice rules to use for example a list of validations. But in case validations produce results that are important for other validations, again you cannot share parameter page.

Could this be considered as an enhancement in the future?

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