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Posted: December 8, 2015
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"Show Details" for a Report sourced Repeating Grid

Hello mesh,

We are facing the following issue in Pega 6.3:

We have a RepeatingGrid sourced by a Report. Now we have to display additional Properties of the ReportResults which are not obtained from the ReportDefinition.

So far we did the following:

First Way

Since the Grid is sourced by a ReportDefinition it has the Edit Mode Read-Only and we thought "Show Details" is the right option to Select.

As described in the help we then also provided a FlowAction which contains the Section to display. Then starting the portal which uses the grid, no data is displayed, which is no wonder since the ReportDefinition did not include the Properties we wanted to display.

To be precise it is a PageList property of the displayed Work-Object.

So our next step was to write an activity that is executed by the FlowAction. This activity should open the Work-Object an pass the relevant PageList Property to the ReportDefiniton Results PageList.

Unfortunatley the ResultsPage is read-only an thus we cannot writ onto it. I think we would be fine if we new how to change the read-only state of the Page

Second Way

In the Picture above we clicked on the magnifying glass next to "Read Only" which opens the following dialog

under the local Action we referrence the LocalAction we ideally want to display in the Grid as an ExpanPane (Not Possible since we source the Grid by a ReportDefinition).

Under this configuration the following happens: A modal dialog appers displaying the desired PageList Property (in another Grid which is sourced by a Property).

The Problem with this solution is that the Work-Object gets locked an the lock is maintained if we exit the modal dialog either via the "Cancel"-Button or via the cross in the upper right corner.

If we close the dialog via the "Submit"-Button the lock is released. So to not accedentally put locks on our Work-Items we want to omit this option.

Third Way

Combining the above two approches we end up with a modal dialog opening which may not release the lock of a work item, but the PageList Property of our Work Object is displayed in an ExpandPane inside the Grid displaying the WorkObjects obtained from the ReportDefinition.

We wonder why in this case the "read-only" ReportDefinition Results Page on the clipboard is modified. Of course, this happens because we use the modal dialog of Way No. 2.

But we could not figure out when and how the read-only configuration of that ClipboardPage was changed from read-only to editable.

With kind regards,


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