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Showing worklist of case on case overview tab

Hi Team,

We have requirement to show the worklist into which the case is currently assigned on the case overview tab. Some of the approaches we thought are like

1.Use an RD with OOTB association with Assign-Worklist ; populate a data page based on this RD. Define a new property which refer to this data page. This may work ,but not a very neat approach

2.Use the extension points like NewDefaults/Reassign defaults etc and each time the case moves to a worklist ,capture the value on a property defined in case level. This approach has the downside that if not all scenarios are handled properly ,even though the case is resolved it may still show some stale values in these properties.

We are looking for some OOTB control/gadget which can display the worklist into which the case is assigned.

Any help to make the decision lighter and efficient ,is much appreciated.



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