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Posted: March 18, 2020
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Posted: 18 Mar 2020 5:39 EDT
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Signature capture control not getting attached to case in Directed Web Access

Hi Team 


We have requirement to get the an external user signature and get that signature attached to case. 

Signature control is attaching signature to case when assignment was performed by an internal operator.( who has operator id in system)

but when external operator is performing the same assignment  signature is not getting attached to case. He is able to sign and accept it and able to submit the assignment. but signature is not getting attached to case. (tried remote racing also but didn't help much nothing is getting traced except interaction events.)


Is this the limitation of Direct web access feature in pega. or do we have any hot fix or work around for this. 


system details are here 

Pega prpc7.3. No other frame work is involved 

Pega Platform 7.3.1 Case Management Government Senior System Architect