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Incessant Technologies PVT Ltd

Incessant Technologies PVT Ltd
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Incessant Technologies PVT Ltd
Posted: December 1, 2020
Last activity: December 1, 2020

Single Property with "Data Page" as table type.



Created a data table. For field we have given the type as "Picklist" with option as "Drop-down list" and "AutoComplete". In the Picklist options given the source as "Data view".  Selected the Data Page of list type as source and given the property which should be displayed in the UI. 


Properties declared in the data table

Data page given as source for the property


But while adding the records we are not getting the UI as "Drop-down" or "AutoComplete". Its showing as the text input.

add records screen Not getting option to select.



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Pega Platform 8.4 Data Integration