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Skins and Responsive Behavior

Came across this question and seeing an assortment of responses.

  • "A" is one of the obvious choices.
  • "B" would provide for consistency across all of the devices. But there isn't anything wrong with different skins on different portals. The user experience on the mobile device may very well be different than on a laptop.
  • "C" I don't think there is an option to NOT use a skin. At the very minimum, would you default to the Out-of-Box skin, correct?
  • "D" Providing a separate portal does not address the stakeholder requirements. You still need to address the stakeholder requirements. Not to mention, difficulty in maintaining separate portals. But by providing a different portal, you would definitely avoid impacting laptop users. I just don't like the wording of the option. Updating the process is misleading.

A & B or A & D? The question is about options and if you read the beginning of the questions, you are configuring the skin. 

What are your thoughts?.

An online sales application supports both laptop and mobile devices. You are configuring the application skin and you notice the responsive layout in the mobile device is not displaying views as stakeholders require.

Which two options allow you to resolve this situation without negatively impacting the laptop users?

A. Adjust the responsive behavior in the skin for optimal viewing in the mobile portal.

B. Use the same application skin in all portals.

C. Do not use a skin for the mobile application version.

D. Update the process to give mobile users a separate portal

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