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Yuki Saito (YukiS888)

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Posted: November 26, 2020
Last activity: November 27, 2020

SLA AssignTimeliness does not show the exact case

Hi, all

I am required to create a report which show case status with SLA and timeliness per operator.

I tried to use a "pyAgeByAssignee" report definition, but it does not show exact case counts which I expected.

Please refer to the attachment.

In the file attached, ACT1 operator has 37 cases which are within goal and 37 cases which are past goal, and the total is also 37.Why?

I thought total should be 37*2=74.

Number of within goal = number of total - N(.pxGoalExecite !=null), so I expected that cases within goal and past goal are totally different.

I would like to display case number like one is for "within goal" or the other is for "past goal" because users require to know if which case is achieved to the goal or not.

(Pega platform is 8.3.0 version.)

I really look forward to your reply and advice.

Best regards,


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