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Upton Hill
Posted: February 18, 2020
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SLA deadline questions

The inheritance path for an application contains four copies of the pyDefault data transformation that set property values for two properties: Work item Urgency and Prefix.

Class Work Item Urgency Prefix
Inscorp-ClaimAdm- Work- AutoClaim 25 [no value]
Inscorp-ClaimAdm- Work 20 "C-"
 Work [no value] "W-"
@baseclass 10 "O-"

If the Call data transforms in superclass option is enabled for each data transform, what are the values of Work Item Urgency and Prefix use crates an auto claim case? A. Work Item Urgency =25, prefix = [no value] B. Work Item Urgency =20, prefix =C-. C. Work Item Urgency =10, prefix = O-. D. Work Item Urgency = 25, prefix = C-:


I believe D is the answer. Can some on confirm and if different please explain ?

A user view includes a list of four urgency options selectable by radio buttons. How do you configure the selection list? A. Configure a field group with selectable urgency options. B. Configure a drop down field with selectable urgency options. C. Configure a picklist with radio buttons for the urgency options. D. Configure a Boolean field with selectable urgency options.

C seems to be the right answer (Picklist with radio buttons)

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