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Posted: August 27, 2020
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SLA - Goal/Deadline and passed deadline activities are not triggered


We are on cloud and use Pega 8.3.2 platform. Our requirement is to send mail to users in a workbasket if a case resides in that workbasket for more than 5 days.

For this requirement we are configuring an SLA rule with escalation activity upon time breach.But this activity is not being invoked even after the time surpassed.

We have tried - 

Configuring only goal/only deadline/ only passed deadline with escalation activity/notify assignee/advance flow.

Configured the Custom SLA /Existing SLA on the flow rule in case type.

Changed the 'Calculate Service Levels' from 'Interval from when assignment is ready' to 'Set to the value of a property'and gave time as well.

But it had never triggered the email, upon investigation found that always the case was routed to 'Broken Process' in the 'System-Queue-ServiceLevel' instances. Upon opening the instance found the error as -

.pyWorkParty(Interested).pyWorkPartyUri: The party named System cannot be looked up as an operator record.

Can you please help resolve the error, is it because of this error - request is not being queued -  SLA escalation activity is not getting invoked? 



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