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Posted: September 5, 2018
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SLA Notification contains wrong Goal/DeadlineTime

The SLA is using OOTB "NotifyAssignee" to send the Correspondance. The Correspondance rule uses properties like "newAssignPage.pxGoalTime" and "newAssignPage.pxDeadlineTime" which are in GMT to show Goal and Deadline. The operator and his desktop have both same timezone i.e. IST. However the mail recieved by Operator is neither in IST nor GMT but taking the server timezone i.e. EST.

When a correspondance is being sent using some utility in flow which shows goal and deadline time, the time and format are correct. How do I format the timezone to that of Operator whom correspondence is being sent.

I can set the formatted values of pxDeadlineTime and pxGoalTime on some other properties in the Activity "NotifyAssignee" and use those in correspondence but this doesn't seems to be a good practice. Is there any other way to format the time to operator timezone?

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