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SLA refresh issue

Our application uses Windows Mobile Client to enable offline mode for part of the workflow where the users will be away from wifi. Because of that, we have to set the case type to "Optimistic Locking".

If an SLA rule fires while a user is working on a screen that has not yet been saved, the user is required to refresh the screen and loses data entered so far. When the "Refresh" error appears, <Save> no longer works - the case has apparently been updated by the SLA agent in the background.

Since the "Inspection" screen represents quite a bit of work for the user, it is a problem that has to be solved. We have temporarily extended our SLAs to at least 1 week to mitigate most of the instances

Steps to Reproduce

1. Create an Inspection case.

2. Work on the case (completing the Inspection screen) when the case age is near the Goal or Deadline for the SLA.

3. SLA fires before i'm finished with the Inspection screen and before the data entered/modified on the screen is saved to the case.

4. "Refresh" message appears and data entered/modified is lost.

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