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SLA Urgency is not getting increased after the goaltime is passed


We have configured an SLA rule with below urgency levels to be fired after task creation.

Initial Urgency upon task creation - Priority is set to 50

Upon Reaching Goal time- Priority is increased by 25 (50+25= 75)

Upon Reaching Deadline time- Priority is increased by 15 (75+15= 90)

After Passing Deadline- Every day urgency will increase by 10 up to 100. Maximum value for Priority is 100.

We have configured this SLA rule with goal and deadline dates in minutes (for testing). The initial urgency is set to 50 firstly and then it should add 25 to the initial urgency upon reaching goaltime but it is not getting increased.

pxUrgencyWorkClass property is set to 50 in pyDefault and we could see that pxUrgencyWork is also set to 50 but after that no increment in urgency. The urgency value remains same even after passing the deadline.

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