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Mariane Ammar (MarianeA)

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Posted: May 3, 2017
Last activity: May 22, 2017

Slowness on one of the environments


I hope someone can help with our Performance issue.

We have two environment: UAT and SIT

First issue:
For the following scenario we are running a Performance Profiler: pressing down on an Autocomplete that reads from a data page D_ProjectIDList
Running a Performance Profiler for that scenario on UAT is taking twice as much time as running it on SIT.
After further investigation we noticed that Java steps are taking double the time on UAT. More specifically one of the OOTB activities such as Rule-Declare-Pages.pzGetProcessedClipboardData (whose method is JAVA) is taking 5.9 seconds on UAT and 2.2 seconds in SIT.
Note that both environments have the same Java VM Information.
We are attaching the file generated by the thread of D_ProjectIDList on both UAT and SIT.

Second Issue:
Running a Performance Profiler on UAT is showing a Thread PS1_TABTHREAD1 whose size is 1,137,907 although that thread is not present on SIT when we run the same scenario.
We are attaching the file generated by the thread PS1_TABTHREAD1 on UAT.
Same as for the first issue, the method of the activities causing the most wait time are JAVA; they are reaching up to 5.13 seconds.
Why can we only see this thread on UAT and not on SIT ? What is it exactly ?

PS: running a Database Tracer generated almost same result on both environments which made us conclude that the problem is on the application level.

Any help or hint will be greatly appreciated :)

Thank you in advance,

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