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Slowness in Portal load.

We are facing slowness when our portal loads. When traced we found that "Following Cases" section triggers a SQL ( D_pxfavorites thru RD pyFollowedCases in section Data-PortalpyPortalNav under harness Data-PortalpyCaseManager7).

The SQL formed for our portal is

SELECT "PC0".PYID AS "pyID", "PC0".PYLABEL AS "pyLabel", "PC0".PZINSKEY AS "pzInsKey" FROM PRPC_71SDS_pool.pccs_work "PC0"
INNER JOIN PRPC_71SDS_pool.pc_index_workparty "Party"
(( ( ("PC0".PZINSKEY = "Party".PXINSINDEXEDKEY) ) AND ("PC0".PXOBJCLASS LIKE 'MellonFinCorp-GCM-CSWork%') AND ("Party".PXOBJCLASS = 'Index-WorkPartyUri') ) ) WHERE ( ("Party".PXPARTYROLE = 'Follower') AND ("Party".PYPARTYIDENTIFIER = 'XBBJ293') ) AND ("Party".PXINDEXPURPOSE = 'PartyURI')

Though this returns 0 results it takes 10-15 mins to execute.

  1. Count of PRPC_71SDS_pool.pccs_work is 1598483
  2. Count of PRPC_71SDS_pool.pc_index_workparty is 16563939

Is this because of the count we have DB performance issue? I am sure there are applications with much more records and do they face this issue?? Since these are all OOB and help or suggestion will be appreciated.

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