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Posted: April 16, 2020
Last activity: February 1, 2021

Smartinvestigate for Payments and Securities - Pega8 upgrade

Our Pega solution is currently on Pega7.2.0, was upgraded from v4-v5-v6.  Its built on SmartInvestigate for Payments 7.11. We also have SmartInvestigate for Securities 7.11 installed in rulebase, but our analysis says mostly we are not using this in PROD emvironment. 

We are considering our solution for P8 upgrade, and doing some preparatory work. We see a question with regards to PegaSI for Securities and below are the questions.  Starting from 7.4 for PegaSI for payments documentation, says not to consider upgrading to latest version of PegaSI for payments, with the following / similar note.

Related Pega financial services applications designed to work with Pega Smart Investigatefor Payments, such as Smart Investigate for Securities, and Self-Service for Smart Investigate, havenot been updated. Customers with any of these applications in their application stack should notattempt to integrate these applications with the Pega Smart Investigate for Payments 8.4 release.Customers already running Pega Smart Investigate for Payments with any of these applicationsin their application stack should not upgrade to release 8.

  • Our internal analysis says, mostly we are not using “PegaSI for Securities” even though rules lying in the system. SmartInvestigateSecurities is built on SmartInvestigateForPayments, with only PegaSISecurities ruleset mentioned in application rulsets. We believe, it is sufficient to get rid of dependencies with rules (i.e. classes & inheritance , properties and rules). please suggest?
  • Just in case, if we find some reference for this FW in current production system, any ideas what would be the right version to choose for P8 upgrade?

Many thanks in advance!!

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