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Posted: April 30, 2020
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SMD solutions becoming too large and unmanageable


We are currently using several Start-my-day(SMD) solutions for multiple departments within our organisation. When we first started using the SMD's they weren't that big yet, but at this point we are having some very large solutions and they are slowing down developers and users at this point.

We started off by having just SMD's, but more functionality was needed and was implemented into the SMD solutions. Otherwise we had to stop the SMD solution and start an other robot to do some work. This was managable, but this choice made us build more and more into the same solutions. 

We are currently looking into how we should proceed. Should we seperate some stuff or are there any other options here on the table that we don't know of. 

Do you have any experience in these problems?


Niels Lewerissa

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